Phoenix Web Solutions is a web agency that will design, build and maintain your website, giving your business the tools you need to create a brand and online presence.


Here at Phoenix WS our goal is to build relationships with our clients, building a future for both of us. Your success is our success and we aim to help you in any way we can. Phoenix WS can offer you a vast range of services from, designing your website as well as an overall re-branding or branding and designing of e-flyers, adverts, leaflets and posters. Constructing your website so it works perfectly to meet your needs. We offer package websites or custom built if you’re looking for something a bit more unique.. All our websites use a CMS (Content Management System) that is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly, making it easier for your customers to find you. Finally we take the hassle out of maintaining your website. Let us look after backups, updates and security scans by signing up to one of our maintenance packages. Starting from just £12.99 per month.

Web Design

Websites have become an essential marketing tool for most companies. Your website can be a strong statement of your brand and an excellent way to communicate with your customers. If built in the right way your website is one of the few marketing mediums that you have full control over and the ability to add to and amend quickly and with no additional cost. We will design and build your website through either one of our package websites or custom builds.

Website Maintenance

Maintaining a website doesn’t have to be time consuming. We can do it for you. A good website will need regular updates and backups if you want it to keep up with the ever changing market. Don’t forget your site will need to be kept secure against potential threats. We can provide security scans to check for anything not welcome. Some of our premium packages include development time, to ensure someone is on hand to fix any unexpected glitches!

Hosting & Domains

Keep everything under one roof and let us handle your web hosting. We will host your website on a secure server ensuring your website has the best platform to be reached by all. As well as hosting your website we can provide a domain name for your site. This is a crucial part of your website as it is the web address your customers will search for you by. Let us make it hassle free by combining these two important steps into one. Get in touch to learn more about hassle free hosting.

Branding & Print

Branding is essentially who you are! What message do you want to deliver to your customers about you? What will your branding say about you? Conservative? Contemporary? Modern? Whichever it is, you’ve got to get it right! It’s easy to mistake a company for another so you’ve got to stand out from the crowd! We can supply you with a unique brand and showcase it through logos, letterheads, business cards and many more.